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Scott Carpenter
Founder of Underground Fitness
I love fitness transformations more than anyone. After achieving life-changing results for myself, I found my calling.

12 years ago, I quit my corporate job and started changing lives as a personal trainer. In 2012 I started Underground Fitness to create a coaching experience like no other.

You will look great, feel great, and you will have confidence knowing that you have control of your life.
Laura can mark "bikini body" off her checklist!
Chelsey lost 55 pounds, then got her husband in to do the same!
The Cheez-its in the first photo are classic! Amazing transformation, Beth!!
Believe it or not Nicole gained about 8 lbs of muscle during this transformation, and looks leaner than ever!
Katie is amazing! Scales don't tell you everything- look at the inches!
I think the pictures say all that needs to be said about Kerry!
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